Have a Cackle

Don't miss these amazing and unique family rides, shows and attractions, guanteed to put a smile on your face.

Step inside Kernel Kernel's Haunted House of Cornfusion and discover a world of gravity defying
rooms, mirror mazes, shrinking corridors and puzzling illusions.

Take your seat for the Phantomime family show or why not take to the stage yourself and
enter the Halloween Fancy Dress competition.

The Phantomime

Come into the big barn at the maze and join in the fun and games on stage in our spooky Halloween show. Look out, he’s behind you…..oh no he’s not…….oh yes he is!!!

It’s “phantastic” fun!

Kernel Kernel's Haunted House of Cornfusion

Kernel Kernel's Haunted House of Cornfusion? Will you make it through the curtain maze or get in a spin in the vortex tunnel?

Rooms magically begin to shrink, fall over and even turn upside down!


Fangtastic Face Painting

Give your kids a Halloween make over with our talented face painters. (Extra charges apply)

Fancy Dress Parade

Join in the fun and come along in fancy dress!

We will be holding a fancy dress parade everyday at 1pm with prizes given for the best dressed ghouls.

Maze of Illuisons

You won’t believe your eyes in the maze of illusions! Within this mini maze are all sorts of mind bending puzzles and illusions. Mirrors that can make you manic, pictures that appear to move, illusions that will have you rubbing your eyes!