Discover our amazing Halloween themed attractions

Take a ride on Ghostmania to scare aware the cheeky ghosts, descend into the Mystery 
Mineshaft Maze to discover its spooky secrets and follow the Spooky Trail.

You'll have a hoot meeting the Halloween owls and will you brave enough to hold one of the
creepy crawlies. You'll love our Halloween themed attractions.

Mystery Mineshaft Maze

Loose yourself in a 3D labyrinth of crawl tunnels, bridges and overhead walkways. Discover the sound boxes and the secret rooms hidden deep inside the Mystery Mineshaft Maze.

Haunted Maze Treasure Hunt

We have spared a small area of the giant maize maze from the harvester for the Halloween Treasure Hunt! Can you find all the spooky characters hidden in the maze?

Ghostmania 2 Ride

Step aboard the Ghostmania 2 Ride. Keep your eye's out for the weird and wonderful, and slightly bizarre, characters along the way including the Spitting COBras and the giant spiders. Will you be able to help save the day and scare the ghosts out of the maze?

Witch's Grotto

Meet the Witch and listen to her spooky tales, gather round the cualdron and help cast spells.

Halloween Finger Fortune Maze

As you make your way around this mini maze you will find stations where you can colour the end of your finger.When you have found all five stations and coloured all your fingers you can return to the de coding board and see what halloween forfeit you will have to perform!

The Scare Crow Centre

Visit Farmer Tom's scientific centre for research into crow scaring. Meet the owls, hawks and reptiles, are you brave enough to stroke a snake or get close-up with the creepy crawlies!